VIVE Ultimate Tracker: Unparalleled Precision for VR and Motion Capture


VIVE Ultimate Tracker: Precision Tracking for VR and Motion Capture

Experience unparalleled precision with the VIVE Ultimate Tracker. Its advanced tracking technology delivers sub-millimeter accuracy and ultra-low latency, ensuring seamless and immersive VR and motion capture experiences.

Key Features:

Sub-millimeter accuracy for precise tracking
Ultra-low latency for real-time responsiveness
Wide field of view for full-body tracking
Compact and lightweight design for easy integration
Compatible with SteamVR and other major VR platforms


Enhanced immersion and realism in VR games and simulations
Accurate motion capture for animation, filmmaking, and medical applications
Improved productivity and efficiency in industrial and research settings

Unique Selling Points:

Industry-leading precision and accuracy
Versatile compatibility with various VR and motion capture systems
* Compact and portable for easy setup and transportation