VIVE Focus Plus: The Ultimate Enterprise VR Headset for Immersive Business Solutions


VIVE Focus Plus: Enterprise VR Headset

Key Features:

Standalone design with no external wires or PC required
High-resolution display with 2880 x 1600 combined resolution
Wide 110-degree field of view
Built-in eye tracking for enhanced immersion and analytics
Ergonomic design for extended wearability


Untethered freedom for immersive training and collaboration
Crystal-clear visuals for detailed simulations and presentations
Expanded field of view for a more natural and engaging experience
Precision eye tracking for data-driven insights and improved user interaction
Comfortable design for prolonged use in demanding environments

Unique Selling Points:

All-in-one solution for enterprise VR applications
Industry-leading display and tracking technology
Designed specifically for business and training needs
Proven reliability and durability for demanding environments

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