VIVE Focus 3: The Ultimate Standalone VR Headset for Immersive Experiences


VIVE Focus 3: Immersive Standalone VR Headset

Experience unparalleled virtual reality with the VIVE Focus 3. This standalone headset boasts:

High-Resolution Display: Crisp 2.5K resolution and a wide 120° field of view for stunning visuals.
Inside-Out Tracking: Advanced sensors eliminate the need for external base stations, providing seamless and precise tracking.
Ergonomic Design: Lightweight and adjustable for maximum comfort during extended use.
Powerful Performance: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform delivers exceptional processing power for immersive experiences.
Wireless Freedom: Untethered design allows for unrestricted movement and exploration in virtual worlds.
Enterprise-Grade Security: Built-in security features protect sensitive data and ensure compliance.

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