RF23HCEDBSR French Door Refrigerator Review: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for a refrigerator that combines style, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology? Meet the Samsung RF23HCEDBSR French Door Refrigerator. With its sleek stainless steel design and innovative features, it’s no surprise this model is a favorite in many households.

This refrigerator boasts a spacious layout, making it easy to organize and access your groceries. Its Twin Cooling Plus technology ensures your food stays fresher for longer by maintaining optimal humidity levels. Plus, the built-in ice maker and water dispenser add a touch of convenience to your daily routine.

Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen or replacing an old appliance, the RF23HCEDBSR offers the perfect blend of functionality and style, making it a must-have for any modern kitchen.

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Design and Build Quality

When choosing a refrigerator, its design and build quality are crucial aspects. The Samsung RF23HCEDBSR French Door Refrigerator excels in both these areas, ensuring it not only looks great in your kitchen but also provides top-notch functionality.

Exterior Design

White Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Photo by Jean van der Meulen

The exterior design of the RF23HCEDBSR is a sight to behold. The refrigerator features a sleek stainless steel finish that gives it a clean, modern look. This not only makes it visually appealing but also easier to clean and maintain. Fingerprints and smudges are less noticeable, keeping your appliance looking new for longer.

Its counter-depth design is another highlight. Unlike traditional refrigerators, the RF23HCEDBSR aligns perfectly with your kitchen counters and cabinets, providing a streamlined, built-in look. This design saves space and enhances the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Here are a few key features of its exterior design:

  • Stainless steel finish: Elegant and easy to maintain.
  • Counter-depth: Sits flush with kitchen counters for a built-in look.
  • Minimalistic handles: Adds to the sleek design while being practical.

You can learn more about its design specifics in the RF23HCEDBSR user manual.

Interior Layout

Moving inside the RF23HCEDBSR, the interior layout is thoughtfully designed to optimize storage space. The refrigerator is divided into different sections, making it easy to organize various types of food.

Starting from the top, the adjustable shelves are a fantastic feature. They allow you to customize the storage space to fit taller items like juice cartons or wine bottles. The shelves are also made of tempered glass, which is both sturdy and easy to clean.

The door bins provide additional storage for condiments, drinks, and other small items. These bins are also adjustable, making them perfect for items of various sizes.

The refrigerator also features a FlexZone drawer, an innovative addition that offers different temperature settings. This drawer is great for storing deli items, snacks, and even beverages, ensuring everything stays at the optimal temperature.

In the freezer section, you’ll find a pull-out drawer that makes it easy to access frozen foods. The built-in ice maker is a convenient touch, providing a steady supply of ice without taking up too much space.

Key interior features:

  • Adjustable glass shelves: Flexible storage for varying item sizes.
  • FlexZone drawer: Customizable temperature settings.
  • Pull-out freezer drawer: Easy access to frozen foods.
  • Built-in ice maker: Convenience without compromising space.

For more detailed information on the interior layout, check out the Samsung support page.

Key Features

When it comes to the Samsung RF23HCEDBSR French Door Refrigerator, its standout features set it apart in food preservation, convenience, and energy efficiency. Here’s a look at what makes this refrigerator a top choice for many households.

Twin Cooling Plus™

The Twin Cooling Plus™ system is one of the highlights of the Samsung RF23HCEDBSR. This advanced technology uses dual evaporators to cool the fridge and freezer sections independently. This means:

  • Better Food Preservation: Fruits and vegetables stay fresher because the refrigerator maintains higher humidity levels.
  • No Mixing of Odors: With separate cooling systems, the smells from the freezer and fridge do not mingle, keeping your ice cream from tasting like last night’s garlic chicken.

By using separate cooling fans and evaporators, the Twin Cooling Plus™ system ensures that each compartment maintains optimal temperature and humidity levels. This is crucial for preserving the taste and texture of your food.

For more details on how this system benefits you, check Samsung’s Twin Cooling System page.

Kitchen With Furniture and Appliances Photo by Mark McCammon

Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

Having a built-in ice maker and water dispenser is all about convenience. Imagine not having to refill ice trays or open the fridge every time you want a glass of cold water. The Samsung RF23HCEDBSR offers:

  • Easy Access: Ice and water are readily available at the push of a button.
  • Filtered Water: The dispenser provides clean, filtered water, which is healthier and tastes better than tap water.
  • Consistent Ice Supply: Whether you need crushed or cubed ice, the built-in ice maker has got you covered.

These features make everyday tasks smoother and your kitchen routine more efficient.

Energy Efficiency

Worried about energy consumption? The Samsung RF23HCEDBSR is ENERGY STAR® certified. This means it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Here’s why this matters:

  • Lower Electricity Bills: Efficient energy use means you save money over time.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Reduced energy consumption is better for the planet.
  • Reliable Performance: High energy efficiency doesn’t compromise the refrigerator’s performance.

According to Consumer Reports, this model’s energy efficiency reflects electricity consumption per cubic foot of measured usable storage space, making it a smart choice for eco-conscious families.

To explore all the energy-saving benefits, check out the RF23HCEDBSR product page.


When it comes to refrigerators, performance is key. The Samsung RF23HCEDBSR French Door Refrigerator stands out in various performance aspects. Let’s dive into how it performs concerning cooling efficiency, noise levels, and user feedback.

Cooling Efficiency

The cooling efficiency of the RF23HCEDBSR is impressive, thanks to its advanced Twin Cooling Plus™ technology. This system uses two separate, independent cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Here’s why this matters:

  • Maintains Optimal Temperature: The refrigerator keeps a steady temperature, ensuring your food stays fresh for longer. No more worrying about your produce spoiling too quickly.
  • Humidity Control: It maintains high humidity in the fridge and dry air in the freezer. This keeps fruits and vegetables crisp and prevents freezer burn on your frozen items.
  • Energy Efficiency: The Twin Cooling Plus™ also contributes to better energy efficiency, cutting down on your electricity bills.

For a deep dive into how the Twin Cooling Plus™ works, visit Samsung’s Information Page.

Noise Levels

Refrigerators are known to hum, but no one wants a kitchen appliance that’s too loud. The Samsung RF23HCEDBSR operates quietly, making it a great addition to an open-concept kitchen or a space where families gather.

  • Low Operational Noise: Users report that this model runs quietly, with only slight humming that becomes white noise over time.
  • Comparison to Other Models: When compared to other models in the same category, the RF23HCEDBSR performs exceptionally well in keeping noise levels down.

If you’re curious about the noises refrigerators make, Samsung has a helpful guide you can check out here.

User Feedback

Customer reviews are a goldmine of information. Here’s what people are saying about the RF23HCEDBSR across various platforms:

Common Praises:

  • Design and Aesthetics: Many users love the sleek stainless steel finish that complements their kitchen decor.
  • Functionality: Features like the FlexZone drawer and built-in ice maker receive consistently positive feedback.
  • Cooling Efficiency: Users appreciate how well this refrigerator maintains temperature and humidity, keeping their food fresh longer.

Common Complaints:

  • Ice Maker Issues: Some users have reported problems with the ice maker freezing over or malfunctioning.
  • Noise During Ice Making: A few reviews mention that the ice maker can be a bit noisy, especially when it’s running multiple cycles.

To read more detailed reviews from actual customers, check out the Amazon Review Page.

The Samsung RF23HCEDBSR French Door Refrigerator is a well-rounded appliance, offering impressive cooling efficiency, low noise levels, and mostly positive user feedback. Whether you’re looking to keep your food fresher for longer or add a stylish touch to your kitchen, this refrigerator is a solid choice.

Pros and Cons of the Samsung RF23HCEDBSR French Door Refrigerator

When deciding on a refrigerator, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks. The Samsung RF23HCEDBSR French Door Refrigerator has garnered attention for its unique features and notable issues. Here’s a breakdown:


Woman in Blue Dress Holding a Yellow Bowl Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva

First, let’s look at what customers love about the RF23HCEDBSR.

  • Twin Cooling Plus Technology: This is a standout feature that keeps food fresh longer by maintaining optimal humidity levels. Fruits and vegetables stay crisp, and there’s no odor mixing between the fridge and freezer.
  • Sleek Design: Its modern stainless steel finish not only looks great but also resists fingerprints, keeping the exterior clean with minimal effort. The counter-depth design ensures it fits seamlessly with your kitchen counters, providing a streamlined, built-in look.
  • Energy Efficiency: Being ENERGY STAR® certified, this model is designed to save energy, which translates to lower electricity bills and a reduced environmental impact.
  • Convenient Features: The built-in ice maker and water dispenser offer convenience at your fingertips, providing filtered water and a consistent supply of ice without the need for manual refilling.
  • Flexibility in Storage: With adjustable shelves and a FlexZone drawer, it’s easy to customize the storage space to accommodate different items, from tall bottles to deli trays.

For more detailed reviews on these features, visit Consumer Reports.


Despite its many advantages, the RF23HCEDBSR isn’t without its flaws. Here are some common issues reported by users.

  • Ice Maker Problems: Some customers have experienced issues with the ice maker freezing over or malfunctioning. This often requires maintenance or replacement, which can be a hassle.
  • Limited Freezer Space: Given its counter-depth design, the freezer section is somewhat smaller compared to other models. If you store a lot of frozen items, this might be a limitation.
  • Noise Levels: While generally quiet, the ice maker can be noisy, especially during ice production cycles. This might be noticeable in quiet kitchen environments.
  • Door Alarm: Unlike some other high-end models, there is no alarm to notify you if the door is left open. This can lead to energy loss and reduced cooling efficiency if the door isn’t closed properly.

For a balanced mix of customer pros and cons, you can check detailed user feedback on Amazon.

Understanding the pros and cons can help you make an informed decision about whether the Samsung RF23HCEDBSR French Door Refrigerator is the right fit for your home. Balancing the benefits with the potential drawbacks is key to ensuring it meets your needs and expectations.

Comparison with Competitors

When choosing a refrigerator, we often compare a few models to ensure we get the best bang for our buck. Let’s see how the Samsung RF23HCEDBSR stacks up against its competitors in terms of features and price.

Feature Comparison

When considering a French door refrigerator, several key features come into play. Let’s compare the Samsung RF23HCEDBSR with other popular models in the market.

Interior of contemporary kitchen with modern appliances and chairs at white counter near wall with shelves in spacious apartment near stairs Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

Storage Capacity

  • Samsung RF23HCEDBSR: Offers 22.5 cu. ft. capacity with flexible storage options like adjustable shelves and a FlexZone drawer.
  • LG LFXS26973S: Comes with 26 cu. ft. capacity, slightly larger but lacks some adjustable features of the Samsung.
  • Whirlpool WRF535SMHZ: Provides 25 cu. ft. of space, good overall but doesn’t offer as many temperature control options.

Energy Efficiency

  • Samsung RF23HCEDBSR: ENERGY STAR® certified, utilizing Twin Cooling Plus™ for optimal energy use.
  • LG LFXS26973S: Also ENERGY STAR® certified but known to consume slightly more energy overall compared to the Samsung.
  • Whirlpool WRF535SMHZ: ENERGY STAR® certified, generally on par with Samsung but may lag in specific energy efficiency metrics.

Additional Functionalities

  • Samsung RF23HCEDBSR: Features Twin Cooling Plus™, a built-in ice maker, water dispenser, and a FlexZone drawer.
  • LG LFXS26973S: Includes a Slim SpacePlus® Ice System and SmartThinQ® technology for remote control via an app.
  • Whirlpool WRF535SMHZ: Offers a FreshFlow™ produce preserver but lacks a built-in water dispenser.

For a deeper dive into feature comparisons, check out the Samsung Refrigerator Review.

Price Comparison

Understanding the cost differences is crucial when selecting a refrigerator. Here’s how the Samsung RF23HCEDBSR compares to other brands:

  • Samsung RF23HCEDBSR: Priced around $2,499, offering a balance of luxury features and affordability.
  • LG LFXS26973S: Generally retails for approximately $2,799, a bit pricier but offers additional smart features.
  • Whirlpool WRF535SMHZ: More budget-friendly, priced at roughly $1,999, but lacks some advanced features found in its competitors.

In summary, the Samsung RF23HCEDBSR presents a compelling option with its combination of advanced features, energy efficiency, and competitive pricing. For more detailed pricing and user experiences, you can visit the Amazon Review Page.


The Samsung RF23HCEDBSR French Door Refrigerator stands out for its modern design, efficient cooling, and user-friendly features. With its sleek stainless steel finish and counter-depth design, it fits seamlessly into any kitchen. The Twin Cooling Plus™ technology ensures your food stays fresh by maintaining optimal humidity levels.

Features like the built-in water dispenser and FlexZone drawer enhance the overall convenience and functionality. Despite some reports of issues with the ice maker, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

For those seeking a stylish, efficient, and feature-packed refrigerator, the RF23HCEDBSR is a solid investment. It’s a great choice for modern kitchens and families who prioritize both aesthetics and performance.

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